I Feel Like a Pervy Old Man In My Early 20s

Man, I remembered last two Christmas' in a row I came home on leave, my uncle (my mother's brother) finally patched things up with my grandma and the rest of his sibling's side and after ten years I got to see my two cousins, the older male cousin and my cute younger female cousin (she's three years younger). I know for a fact that guys don't leave her alone. I haven't seen them and the last image that burned into my mind was when me and her brother were around 10 or 11. I look at her, and see that image, of her around the age of 7 but can't connect that person to the her now, it's as if I think of that little cousin of mine some 10 or so years ago as her baby sister. When I was sitting down eating and overhearing my aunts, uncles and my parents talk I caught myself looking at her as a young woman of 19 and couldn't stop making secretive glances after I realized what I was doing. It made it hard for me to talk to her being attracted to her. I felt I was cheating myself for not being able to see her as my cousin and yet talk to her brother about the past so easily. I know she's a good girl and everytime the gathering is over, I feel like I'm a perv because when she hugs me when we were leaving, those brief moments I imagined she was with me and not her boyfriend.

The good news is, I don't or at least didn't look at her the way I mentioned above during the last time I came home to visit for new years, she and her parents came to visit my family at our apartment. But I'm afraid my wandering eyes are gonna do it again next time I see her, and I don't want to scare her away. I'd like to be normal like we all were when we used to hang out. I'm even more worried the thought of seeing her because I haven't been in a relationship (not good with the ladies at all) and add desperate to my dirty thoughts because it's so hard to maintain relationships the last three years with anyone let alone a gf having been overseas away 7 months at a time for 3 years in a row.

I know that I'm a desperate because of lack of a relationship, but miss having extended family around. Should I just avoid being around her, because that's not a problem being on the other side of state? Or should I keep trying to beat it into my head that she's off-limits to look at next time I see her?

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Honestly your cousin isn't nessasarily out of bounds, it all depends on what state your in. For example, in New York, ****** isn't illegal unless your married, and even then it's treated as adultary, and you can only get a year of prohbation for it. I suggest you sit down and talk about a relationship with your cousin but only after you've checked the laws in your area.

guys thats not good advice god nut to answer you that question is go ahead and think like that there just toughts no harm done is there i have nasty toughts about my cousin and? nothing has every happend well thats a lie but she started it

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stop messing about and just **** her