She's The Best

I never thought I'd connect with anybody here on a personal level. I'm just on EP for "sex and sex-related activites" as my profile info says. I'm the kind of person that leaves people alone cuz I wanna be left alone. I believe in dealing with people just to get a job done ("job" being anything from a political campaign to a *******), then going my way. Nothing personal, just the bare minimum of interaction.

By chance, I came across one of her stories here, I contacted her... very random.

And, boy, am I glad I did!

The first impression she gave me as we talked was that she's really nice, friendly. And for the first time on EP, I talked with somebody about something other than sex. And I was enjoying it.

Then I started looking forward to finding her online. I'd sometimes sign in to yahoo messenger and set my status to "Invisible," hoping she'd sign in (she's a busy little bee, so she's not online that much). And, oh, the delight of seeing that little notification pop up "**** is online"!

Last time we talked, it was for 4 hours straight - and they flew by! (The last half hour or so was the "goodbyes" lol).

I'm a morose, cold person in real life, but she's managed to make me behave like a teenager again... looking at her picture on my cellphone till I fall asleep, actually thinking about her while I'm asleep, stalking her profile here on EP hoping she's posted a new story or status update. Heck, last time we were talking, a girl I'm fooling around with texted me "I'm feelin' frisky" (usually the intro to a steamy phone sex session) - I ignored the text and went on chatting with "My Crush."

If you come across this, you know who you are. I just want to tell you again that you're one of the nicest people I've ever met (online and in real life), you make me smile, you give me butterflies, you make me chuckle out loud, you make me hug my laptop, you make me feel good in more than one way *wink wink*, you're a wonderful listener, you're so cute, you're indescribably sweet, you're a smart girl, you're sensitive (I doubt anybody other than you would be reading this far - too cheesy for them lol), I admire how you take on so much responsibilites, and I love that Baby Girl look you have on your face.

I don't know if we'll ever meet in person; even if we don't, I'm quite sure you'll ALWAYS have a very special place deep inside me. And I'll always be wishing you the best - it's the least you deserve.

Thank you for making me more like the normal human being I was a few years ago.
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5 Responses May 18, 2012

Still makes me smile :)

I like cheese and your love story!

I read it all the way and it's not about me! I'm glad you found a special friend to connect with. Things like that always happen when you least expect it :)

You are so wonderful :)

Can I love this? :)