I usually don't get this stuff.. Sigh
I usually don't get crushes. It's just not something that happens to me. Might shock some of you who stereotype bisexual women. Anyway, I went to a pride fest for the first time this weekend. Highly controversial event, first one my towns ever had. There were many entertainers, mostly drag queens who I adored, but there was also this group. It's pretty much a small group of teenage belly dancers with their instructors. I heard of them before and seen a video, but it was my first time seeing them in person (they ain't famous just a group from a small town) and I noticed this girl. Absolutely beautiful girl, seemed to be enjoying herself unlike the others. She just stuck in my mind. After they were done my friend took a picture of me and her, teasing me about it. I wouldn't say it was a crush yet, just a 'wow she's pretty' type thing.
The thing is, there was a protester. He kept edging closer to the stage, but I noticed him from the moment he arrived. I was too shy to sass him down even though I was shaking with anger. But as he got closer, the dancers got up and stood in front of his sign. Fanning their skirts out, they perfectly covered his bigotry. The girl was in the front, wearing one of those horse masks (I have a unicorn one so this was an automatic win)
A pretty girl who wasn't just here because she was told. I wanted to get to know her.
But I thought she was in her twenties at least.
So I gave her the blue feather I had (harvest moon fans everywhere, yes that's why I had a blue feather) I told her I respected her, then I ran off..

With the picture I had, one of my friends identified the girl as someone in a neighboring school.. Same age as me. Told me she had a Facebook and to go talk to her. Well I guess I'm ranting on here because I just don't know how to talk to her. From my point of view, my actions were creepy and would probably be creepier if I just messaged her. I don't know. It's just a constant nag in my mind now...
Amandaline Amandaline
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2014