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This is crazy, this is ludacris!  But i can't help but be extremely attracted to this person i have no idea about.   I'm a regular public trans commuter and there's this security guard that is usually always there. Something about him, and i'm pretty sure it's because i'm in to ligh skinned guys and his hair style is too cute, but for some reason i can't shake him off and always catch myself staring. I tell myself plenty that i should just let it go and be like everyone else, look once and forget all about them but i can't.  I thought maybe he liked me too, because he would stroll by and then stop near me and then keep walking, and me the bloody idiot, doesn't ever say a word!.  Well for one, i don't want to be like everyone else hitting on the security guard; and then again i can't just walk up to him and say..i think you are just about the most beautiful guy i've ever seen, want to go out sometime.   I'm not a knockout, and the only true compliment i get from guys are about my lips..  what could a beautiful guy see in me.  I talked to him once, and it was only a few words.. He pointed out a schedule on the wall, and i said "that's a great idea, thx".. grr.. I'm such a baby.    I wish i could talk to him but it will probably never happen, the situation that is. So, in a way i'm relieved pretty soon i will live closer to my job where i won't have to commute too much and see him. I"m pretty sure he would have never gotten into me anyway. Doesn't mean i won't still sigh when i see him, i so will.

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

I think your crush is so cute and reminds me of myself a little. I think you need to give yourself more credit though, and bite the bullet and really talk to him. Here's the thing, if you talk to him it could turn out badly. But you're always gonna run that risk with anyone. I mean he could already have a girlfriend, just not be into you, blow you off, or be really rude to you. In which case you would just move on with your life and not think of him anymore... OR he could end up being a sweet guy and go on a date with you. But if you dont talk to him... you'll always wonder about it. Anyway you have nothing to loose do you, right? Cause you dont even know him ;)