i have this crush on this guy, but i could never be with him, it wouldnt be right, i cant say why cuz it was give it away conpletly lol but its starting to really get to me, but i cant tell him how i feel, ive recently broken up with my ex and it would be nice to be with someone new, i would like to be with him, but it just wouldnt be accepted, everyone would hate it and take the ****, and generally make me feel miserable about it, but i cant help how i feel xxxx
RebbieShane RebbieShane
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The command is 'to lve thy neighbor,' the crush can't be wrong in itself. Open hatred is better than love carefully concealed, we shouldn't conceal love... love is good and something to hide from or be ashamed of. On the other hand, love should not be awakened until it pleases - openning the floodgates of your love to some one who cannot return your love, could provoke more pain than pleasure, so it is wise to 'look before you leap.' Maybe there is a place where you could express your feelings to a degree without inviting an abusive relationship. jackknifejohnny

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