It Could Be A Problem

Ok so I really like my neighbor girl. She is bisexual and she broke up with her girlfriend a few weeks ago. I am a 17 year old girl. The problem is shes only 13. Alot of people think its gross or that im a perv or something but im not. Shes funny and we have a great time when we just talk. I dont know her all that well personaly. We never really talked much but lately shes been over alot. Earlier out of nowhere she was just like you can have my number if you want. She said it twice so I just gave her mine. I dont want her to regret that she gave me hers. The past few months tho shes been looking at me alot. Her mom never really liked me before but lately since our parents have been talking alot more shes been very very nice to me. I get along very well with her 10 year old sister. She has a 17 year old sister that I went to school with tho. I never really talked to her but she seemed pretty nice. I am just nervous about what to say if she asks me out of something like that. I want to say yes but I kind of feel like its wrong. I just need some advice and please dont be rude. Be honest but you dont have to a jerk about it no matter what your feelings are.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

Well... I have to say that it doesn't matter whether you are straight, bi or gay, at your age a sexual relationship with a minor can (and probably should) get you into a great deal of trouble with the authorities. Your neighbor is still a youngster, unformed in many respects and from reading your story you seem to be a thoughtful young woman. The difference in your respective life experiences is quite wide and I ask you to consider what your attraction to this girl child is based on. I don't believe that you want to hurt her but that is a real possibility when both parties are not fully developed personalities.<br />
Think how you would react if a 20 year old male were seeking to have a "relationship" with her.<br />
So... I urge you to take a step back and consider carefully before you allow anything to develop.