What The Heck You've Got A Girlfriend Now?

I wrote a story on here a few weeks, the one about having a crush on my teacher. Well I finally started to get over him. I found a guy my age that I really like a lot. His name is Kane. Well today my friend came up to me & said the Mr. So & So (my use to be teacher crush) is dating one other the other teachers at our school. I said "Awwh that's cool". A few weeks ago, it would have hurt me to hear that but now I just like whatever, I like Kane now. Well I asked my friend if she knew who Kane was? she said yes she did. I told her I had a crush on him. Something else I should mention, my friends & I always stand outside of Mr. So & So class room in the mornings. Well when I told her I liked Kane he was walking out of his classroom he heard what I said & told me "Well he's one lucky guy & I hope he knows that." then walked away. I just stood there like what the f*** just happened? My friend even stood there shocked. 

The bell rung for class, & I have him as my first period. He looked at me, smiled at me, everything he normally does. After class he stood by the elevator & watched me walk by like he always does. Well after fourth block today Kane & I were walking back from band to our buses. Mr So & So was by the elevator again. When he saw us walk through the door, he looked down at the floor with a frown on his face. Me & Kane just kept walking I didn't turn back around, but you know when you have a feeling like someone's watching you, well that's what I felt & I'm pretty sure it was Mr So & So staring at us. 

I don't know what to do. I don't date Kane...not yet anyways. But I mean he's a teacher, I'm a student, its not like nothings going to happen between us. l really like Kane too. I'm pretty sure my friend just thought Mr So & So & that other teacher was going out because I never see him with her, & if he is why is he looking still me?
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oohhhh okay... <br />

Lol nah, this was a few months back, when I thought he had a girlfriend. I found out he didn't lol. (:

do you still like your teacher...? is he cute...? <br />
i would like make your teacher jealous...

date Kane, forget teacher. End of story! :)

Thanks for your comment (: <br />
I'm just completely done with him, Kane is all I need (:

Sounds like you found your match. The situation with your teacher would have only led to serious problems - including problems for you! Tarnished reputations in HS are a big deal as you know. Although your teacher may be cute or whatever, you guys will more than likely have minimal common interests............Kane on the other hand, sounds like he's right up your alley :)<br />
<br />
Thanks for the update!