Crush On Best Friend's Ex

I had just got over a long crush when I got a crush on my best friend's ex.

I never thought I would, when he first started to hang out with me and our friends he was very shy and I couldn't understand my friend to have a crush on him.
Then they started dating and I didn't care, maybe a little jealous but still I didn't care. The only thing that annoyed me was how my friend changed.

Then after three and half months or some relationship they broke up or she broke up with him.  And then I didn't understand how she could.....

He's a sweet guy and took so good care of her and gave her all the attention. Sometimes I even said their relationsship was the opposite...she was the guy and he was the girl (cause most of the relationships I know of have been like the guy gives no attention and the girl all attention).

Then we got back to school and he didn't talk to her. Clearly still heartbroken. But he talked to us, her friends.
Soon he started to hang out with us again and talk to her. Clearly he still liked her but she didn's say anything.

And then she confessed to me and the girls that she liked him again.
And at that period I had got a crush on him.

Me and him had become really good friends, but now that she's said to him that she wants to start dating him again, then our friendship has changed.

And I feel like a wreck. Everytime he gives her attention and so on I get jealous and sad.

I just once again have to get over a pointless crush.....

edit: This was long time ago and it's also a long time ago since I stopped having a crush on this guy!


Rawa Rawa
18-21, F
4 Responses Jan 30, 2008

I feel you. My best friend's ex is like my biggest crush. But she is still really upset about their brake up. I don't know how to tell her. Or even if I should?

ever tell this x so n so how you feel/ maybe they have the X - act same idenifealings for you.... I think I just made up like three words there sorry step on them and launch yourself intop the unknown and stop worrying about the cODE THEY PROBABLY couldnt follow themselves...

Ugh I know how you feel... I hate crushes... why can't crushes happen on viable people?

All the crushes I ever have are pointless... sorry it kinda sucks when you have a crush on someone who is gaga over your best friend. At the same time it sucks because they dated so now , unless she's really truely okay with it he'd be off limits even if he stopped thinking about her :(