Just A Friend

This woman this woman intimidates me, she's shy and refined.. all that intrigues me.
I make her giggle and laugh and my spirit is set free
She looks me in my eyes
And I feel butterflies
She makes me stumble on my words
I know it sounds so absurd
I watch her movements so graceful and ladylike
Damn sunshine, your such a dyke
Keep your eyes a foot higher
You don't want to perspire
For this woman is a new friend
Your broken heart she just might mend
Keep your eyes on the prize
Little by little she'll realize
That your feelings for her
Might just make her heart soar
Unless you just end up as a friend
Like all the others, in the end.
whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
31-35, F
15 Responses Feb 27, 2011

I have felt the exact same way...same experience and everything. Nice to know it wasn't just me. I'm a straight female but fell for a sweet shy new friend in college. She'd giggle and smile too, always blushing and charming. Super smart and intellectual too...and Russian. We lost touch.

I deeply wish someone would feel that way about me. This woman should feel honored to have a special person like you, who feels the way you do. I am sure she knows. I send you the best of thoughts and good luck!

lol Thanks Jimmy and Bleed

This is sweet and funny. You'll win her over in no time. Straight or not

Hehehe... cute and very honest. Let's just hope the heart soars then :)

Not yet she doesn't .. all in time darling all in time

SM - lol I'm not offended at all lovely, making people question their sexuality is a compliment my dear ;)

Joel!! Hugs n sugars baby! You're sweet .. I will go with whatever makes her happy. *wink*

Go for whatever it is that makes you happy, Sunshine!!!

Awe shucks *kicks dirt* thanks Michelle :) *big big hugs*

LOL...no don't slap yourself, I have slept with more straight women than lesbians, it's all good !!<br />
Any interest you have in anyone should be appreciated :)

Lol.. thanks Michelle .. they're only straight till they're not right?! Lol. I have my ways.. we'll see where it leads me. *slaps self for diggin on a straight chick*

Awwww that is sweet and from the heart, not to mention cute, just remember the worst she can say is no !

I try and go for something deep and heartfelt, but humor just seems to spill out. Damn me and my funny bone. Lol

LOL! Sweet n funny....LOVE it ;-D