Tempt Me

You're scared of me, scared of what I could make you feel. My.. shy beautiful caged queen. I intrigue you, leave you wondering. You want more, I can see it in your eyes. You imagine me nestled between your thighs. My lips upon your neck and hands upon your breasts.. you lick your lips at the thought. Do you wonder how I could tease you Please you? Relinquish your desires upon me.. I will answer your call. Take hold of your wild one within.. the one you leashed and collared.. I could uncage her... control her .. own her Every desire. One word.. one word is all I need. That wild night, sweat gliding from your body as it rides upon waves of pleasure I would give you. Your curves I would worship, your command obey. Just say the word my temptress and let me out to play.
whisperingsunshine whisperingsunshine
31-35, F
26 Responses Mar 3, 2011

LOL...I knew because you seem to be good at it :)

Yes.. how'd u know? Lol

LOL....you like to make me blush heh ?

Good ;)

Is that wink for me ? Awe shucks, I'm blushing now !


Ah-ha I see, matters of the heart and you want to proceed with caution ! No need to rush it, so many things can happen, I'm sure she thinks of you too !!

There are other matters in the way of me ever telling her.. its ok.. I have my ways.. I'm in no hurry.

You're not shy all you gotta do is speak up, she will never know if you don't tell her !

Socalsunset.. thank you<br />
Michelle .. if only she knew

Ahhhh yeah, you definitely have a way with words, lucky gal she is :)

Fungirl!! Lmao next comes mushy and gushy

Uh oh... someone is lusty and crushy lol.

Mother.. and u are too kind

Konmon .. thanks<br />
Jennifer.. guess I'd need to woman up and actually let her know lol<br />
Allergic .. lol I can't have u giggling the whole time hunny

Ooh me! me! Pick me!

That was hott! If only ....

Ronanp.. thank you, I enjoy makin others squirm a lil. lol

Thank you mother and Pretty<br />
Jimmy.. I was full of alcohol but I like your term gusto better<br />
Gem.. oopsy! yeah sometimes ya don't wanna read my stuff around lil ones.

I agree with Mother,.....:) WOW...:)

Ah yes. So beautiful and full of gusto our little miss whiperingsunshine is :)<br />
I can only direct my thoughts to the cosmic engineer to make your wish come true...

DT.. I want to find out if I could unleash a desire in her even I couldn't control.<br />
Bleed.. sexually fluid is what EP seems to create lol.. the desire for both is enticing

*fans herself* I totally agree with ford on this one. <br />
<br />
I considered myself straight before finding this site but damn there's a lot of tempting women on here

Mtvlm... more of a wanting desire to simply please this woman.<br />
<br />
Ford... lol.... sunshine is over heating.

Whew! I swear the room just got a good 10 degrees hotter!!!

Sounds more than a crush to me....