Masochism, Perhaps?

I'm a sensible, down to earth, practical person. Head rules over the heart anyday!

So the question is WHY??????????

I know better. Of course, I do. Doesn't stop me though. And to make matters worse, I've got 2 crushes on two guys and both are crushes I shouldn't have!

I WISH - deeply and whole-heartedly, that they could show their 'jerk' personalities. It would make it easier for me to forget them. But noooo... they are charming, amazing, funny, blah, blah, blah...

I seem to have a masochistic streak.
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Sorry K9!....<br />
I find this works - "Think of taxes" "Think of taxes" "Think of taxes" "Think of taxes" "Think of taxes"<br />
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ETG said: "what's wrong with a MFM experience?"<br />
<br />
****, ****, **** ... now you went and put ideas in my head, how am I supposed to concentrate now?!

@WP...I think you are excusing yourself too easily. To say that its because you are in turmoil doesn't excuse the pain that is sometimes caused. I had an EP crush once. AS we chatted he also told me of two other posters who were pursuing him. They would send him poetry, etc. I believed him when he said he didn't encourage it and that they were a 'nuisance'. Well fast forward a year. Seems that he now views me the same way. And that was hurtful. Yes feelings change. Thats understandable. But still..why be cruel?<br />
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I think if you are going to have an EP crush, well that is all well and good. But as things change? Perhaps some kindness is in order.

Sounds really tempting ETG... you volunteering???

EH, what's wrong with a MFM experience?

ETG... I'm always crushing on you!!! :)<br />
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@man - It's fun, childish and yes, shows me I'm not dead. I'm far from having any fantasies about this but, it's nice.

Too few EH! Get some more!<br />
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And - What Gentleman1 said

@muddle - Yes, just two.. Too few???

You have a crush on two guys?

A very concise assessment of us, @cayenne. You're right. The caring individuals we are makes these situations, inevitable. <br />
<br />
I for one would not trade this for anything.

as a man in a sexless marriage, I think its natural to develop a "crush" on others on EP. I find myself susceptible to this, especially those in the same boat as me. I've fond that most of us in SM's are caring individuals who's emotional banks are emptied out. Any deposits are felt deeply by us. And as caring people, we naturally don't want to see others suffering as we sre. So speaking for myself, I am drawn to care about these people who are also hurting, especially after a few chat sessions and hearing some of the disappointments they have faced in their SM. <br />
<br />
It may not be right ot have these crushes, nor logical, but I think it is natural and a sign of a caring person.

Thanks G1. Thats a nice way of looking at the situation.

Well then EH I say crush away LOL

I would if there was the smallest glimmer of hope, @jenga. I just had to go and fall for two totally unavailable guys.

Why don't you let the heart lead the way for a change?

EP crushes, @just.<br />
<br />
Luckily, it's a crush from a distance and they have NO CLUE. I don't plan on changing that. lol

Can I be nosey here and ask are these crushes in RL or EP?<br />
<br />
Oh yeah fellow sufferer here lol

@ali - Sympathies to you fellow sufferer!

I know the feeling EH, I know the feeling. Hugs...

Darn it!!! <br />
<br />
Sigh. This is just annoying pain.

Yes, but as you said in another post, the heart wants what the heart wants, so like it or not, you're in this club...

4PM60 - Not sure if I want to be in this club! LOL

And, you're not the only one with a masochistic streak!

The question is: why shouldn't you have a crush on these guys?