Playing With Fire

Have you ever wanted to do something that you know is wrong, so you try all you can to stop yourself, but, sometimes... it's all you can think about? Well, that's how I feel about you. It feels completely irrational because we both know nothing can ever come of this, but we made a mistake somewhere. Just a dance. You pulled me tight to your body and immediately a bolt of lighting struck into me. What was already a harmless crush turned to wild, animal attraction. You pressed your hips into mine and I was done in... I couldn't help myself. I never wanted... no... needed to **** in my life. Your body hard against mine, your thigh teasing between my legs. I'd never felt such raw sexuality... dripping from your every pore. I wanted to kiss you... I knew it wasn't an option.

I continue, laying my back to you... I can feel the hardness of your ****. Your hand seeking bare flesh on my belly, a finger slips just below the line on my pants as your hand presses to me... I remember knowing you must have been getting some sick pleasure out of teasing me the way you were.

Ever since, I lost control. I knew I was playing with fire when you came along, and all I've done is poke the coals and let it burn. You couldn't know what it does to me. I can't lose what I have for you, but I don't want to let this die. My guilty pleasure... it's you.
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Hopefully something develops soon and there will be an update! Thanks for sharing!