Yes I to have someone in my life that i am insanely attracted to and its not even a sexual attraction..He makes me laugh more than anyone ever has and he has a beautiful heart that never seizes to amaze me..I love that he is so silly and not so serious but is when needed to be.He has incredible morals and values that I can not help but adore.I married so young and my hubby is great in so many ways but on the other hand this guy makes me feel beautiful and cherished in ways my hubby can not.I have never been so excited to talk to someone as i get when i get the chance to talk to him..He is like this wonderful,amazing,fruit that i want to taste but can not.I love so deeply and sometimes it gets me into such emotional trouble but i am so happy to have this man in my life even if its only online...He makes my heart flutter and I have never felt this way about someone that I have never met personally so this kind of love is really new to me.
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I know the feeling. It sucks. I kinda ended my friendship with this person because I didn't think it was healthy for the two of us to be so emotionally entangled.Especially with me being single and her being attached. It just wasn't worth the hurt in my opinion. I'd rather hurt for a few weeks, months or whatever than hurt endlessly. Hope endlessly, hopelessly hoping, where there is no hope.<br />
<br />
*sigh*<br />
<br />
I do wonder though...

Hmmm... Now you make me think that i might have made a rash decision. Maybe I should have given it a little more time and let my emotions simmer down. I don't know. i just felt as though having that person in my life would be a constant distraction. I've always been very goal oriented. I have a target, i go for it, if I don't get it i discard that plan totally and move on to something else. i don't prefer to leave anything lingering because I will always feel as though I am looking back.

Indeed that is part of life. You live and you learn right? Well we better learn or there's no hope for us. :-)

i used to feel the same way about some one...personal