Professor!? Am I Dillusional??

Basically I'm a student... And I'm not sure if this just sounds ridiculous... But I guess I have some sort of attraction to my professor.... I remember the first time we had eye contact when I walked into the lecture theatre late... And he smiled at me.... But as I started to have more if his lectures I feel like he notices me more.... (Compared to the other professors) and we tend to have regular eye contact which makes me nervous... Bescause im not sure if its just in my head... It's hard to explain. I'm usually the well grounded/level headed person.... I guess I'm just wondering if this is just something that will blow over... Because I'm not the type of person to be wallowing over someone like this. And don't fall so easily/can be really picky... So I guess that's why this whole thing has caught me of guard. Any help/advise!!! Would really appreciate it. x
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

eyes gerneral dont lie,,, except a psycho

Lol I don't think he's a psycho.... :/ This is how much it's driving me crazy that I ended up googling it for advice... I've never gone to this type of measures... And my friend seems to think that the professor like me!?