I Just Want To Be Looked At.

This may come back to haunt me one day but **** it i just have to let it out so here i go. I moved in with my uncle and his wife and met his wife's brother for the first time (even though she has been apart of the family for nearly 20 years )and he is "hot"? He's something to say the least and i was trying like hell to get his attention without even knowing it. I think its because i'v been locked up in this house for month's because my uncle is way to over protective and that i have not seen many guys in MONTH'S. Yet a part of me do wish that at least he would look at me as if i was a plausibility and not like i'm just some kid how hi's sister has to take car of now. I'M LIKE 20 YEARS OLD NOW AND STILL, every time he come's over he talks to me like i'm 12, i may not look my age (seeing as god really does want me to look 12 years old forever) but i am some what sexy.I don't even think i want to date him or anything like that, i just want to be noticed you know. He's in his late 30's i think and he is now seeing a girl but i think they have been together for years now so i feel like a creeper.lucky for me that i never told anyone so i can suffer in peace, i feel kind of dirty at times for wanting him to want me in "THAT KIND OF WAY". But then again he is not blood and i am legal now so other then my god fearing African heritage, i can't really see much things that should stop him from just looking at me like i'm a woman and not a kid.
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I agree. Enjoy the experience.

If that's any comfort, I understand.

thanks for understanding