I'm Crazy About My Female Doctor

A few years ago I decided to change my primary care physician and I decided on a female internist practicing near my place of employment. I called and made an appointment for a physical exam and after we went over my medical history she told me to completely disrobe, including my underwear, and cover my lap with a small gown. I was surprised by this as I thought I would be examined with at least my underwear on. As I nervously undressed I developed a strong erection which I thought would dissapate after the examination started. When she came back in the room and started the exam, as she was listening to my chest and lungs, she commented on what unusually fair white skin I have and the need to use care in the sun as she has the same problem, being very fair and pale herself which attracted me greatly as I'm very sexually attracted to pale women. As we neared the end of the exam, my erection remained strong and she asked me to remove the gown to conduct a genital and rectal exam. When she noticed my erection she asked me if I was uncomfortable and I told her no, that I was if anything i was enjoying it. When she told me to put my clothes on we started to embrace but both of us pulled back. At that point we both knew we had attraction for each other. I never thought I'd have a crush on my own doctor.
Palejohn Palejohn
41-45, M
Dec 12, 2012