Oh Dear, Oh Dear.

So I have sold my soul to the devil.

I have signed up on twitter... Solely so I could stalk him more easily and keep up to date with what he's doing (on the off chance he comes to Belgium again, I don't want to miss it this time).

Oh dear, oh dear... what a very daft and silly and idiotic thing to do...

As long as I don't sink the the all-time depth of begging him to follow me or something like that. *rolls eyes*
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Oh deary deary me.

I love how I can hear the accent just reading the words... lol
*psssst: C'mon... He IS hot.... hundreds of thousands of women can't be wrong... LMAO

I've got an inappropriate crush on GarciaMarquez. But I'm not ahsamed

still got that crush, eh? cute lol

Yeah... well not the one I had in the summer... this is kinda new-ish... lol.

(but it's the same principle. Unattainable and therefore unable to disappoint me or hurt me. Very safe. And hot as hell.)

.<----------wants pics

.LMAO... check my blog for pics.

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I have Twitted. It is useless.

Isn't it just? It's SO damn messy. It's really silly. EP is much better.

But twitter is good for stalking, and I am a stalker.