How can I NOT be smitten with a man who tweets pics like that?

My cat has got the exact same eyes. I <3 black cats.

*sighs and shakes head at self*

Twitter is a bad invention for girls with crushes.
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I totally did not make this my desktop background. Totally not. *giggles at self*

The guy looks like he could be cute too..

Hum, yeah, he is. That's Norman Reedus.

those eyes! oh gosh, those eyes! i've always been more of a dog person, but this pic makes me want to have a black cat! just the cutest thing i've ever seen.

You are torturing yourself with the twitter thing. Though if I said it once I must have said it a thousand times, cats make everything better.

If feeling all warm and fuzzy inside is torture, I'll have torture everyday, please. ;)

You're right though, cats make everything better. Having my cat Yala at home makes everything better... I lover her to bits.

Adorable! I've had black cats for years - rescues mainly (they are hard to find homes for because people are so superstitious and stupid). That one reminds me of BJ - he passed away back in 2006. Now (between me and my ex - they are our kids) - we have Bear, Spooky and Princess. All black but very different - Bear has a lot of Bombay so has gold eyes, Spooky is more of an Oriental so has that long, sleek body with triangle head, and Princess has some Persian - short legs, long hair.

I adore cats. All the ones we've had at home were strays we took in. Currently we have Albus, who's fat and white and has become grouchy in his old age (but we love him still) and Yala, a one-year-old kitten. She's black except for a few white patches. She's very affectionate and curious, and unfortunately a bit of a thief - but so resourceful I can't help but laugh! I love her.

Their loss really. I'd love to have a black cat. And one with the most tiger-like markings you can find.

too cute!!! <3

I know. That's precisely the problem! &gt;.&lt; Bah.


Oi, you... you're still a sexy chica and I still love you, you know. *snogs Ediez*

We all need to get naked and drink heavily

Yay! I'm in. *giggles*

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Oh my goodness, that cat is tooooo cute! :)

Yeah I know... I adore cats... the story is that his son wanted a cat, so they went to the rescue centre and found that angry, hissing kitten. The people at the refuge tried to discourage them from picking that one, but they did... and apparently, now it's the happiest chilled-out cat ever.

&gt;.&lt; Why do I even KNOW these things? The internet is very bad for a stalker with a crush.

You're just going to have to embrace it sweetie. :)

Oh... I embrace it... trust me. I take comfort in the fact that I demonstrate SOME self-control. As in, whatever happens in the dark little lustful corners of my mind, stays there and doesn't end up on bloody twitter... lol

Lmao! I'd hope not honey... Decorum &amp; all that. :)

I am a strong believer in decorum and etiquette. It seems that few net users believe in those things, as you and I both experienced *giggles at the lame cyber sex attempts stories*

Oh, I know! Teehe!

What man is going to want a girl who writes about having "Normgasms" for someone she's NEVER met!!? I mean, really!?

I've seen another girl say something along the lines of "wanting to **** his brains out". When strangers say things like that to me, I scream "PERVERT!" and I run a mile... So yeah, the fangirls *may* want to revisit their chat-up lines a wee bit...

Just a smidgen... Lmao!


Caps key must be stuck.

OK, I'll get off my sarcastic high horse and admit it made me smile and gave me the warm fuzzies.

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