Sometimes You Got To Learn To Love What's Good For You

I blame myself,
because i had this knowledge,
and i stayed.

A bad boy is unreliable, and sometimes he doesnt show up at all, or if he does hes late and moody, he acts mean to you and he leaves early. He always seems to have another iron on fire, somewhere else to be. But always while you're waiting for him you cant consentrate on anything else, and you have at least one eye on the door, in case he's the next one to walk in the room even though you think he might be seeing someone else and when you're with him your heart starts to beat a little faster and your breath catches in your chest. You might be angry but it wont last and you're happy for a while when he gives all his attention to you and then it starts all over again...
It's exquisite agony sometimes he doesnt turn up for days on end and you heart aches for him, he goes to bed with your bestmate and still you forgive, him still want him.
Bad boys are always unfaithful that's there first rule.
Violet150 Violet150
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I will just say don't hang on to him.
Your self esteem goes down.
He's not that into you and just takes advantage of you. You feed him like his mother does emotionally - and he runs off not appreciating. Don't become selfdestructive and suffering.
Have focus on your own life improvement. Set goals and go for them. Have good friends who want you to focus on YOU and your wellbeing and own needs.