I really like my friends Ex... He wants to meet and he likes me :)But is it right? Should I really be going and meeting my friends ex? It could turn out he asks me out...
Usually I wouldn't,
but the reasons he split up with my best mate were because she cheated on him he hasn't done anything wrong to her
I don't want to hurt my best mate but she hurt him and I do really like him
But honestly any ideas opinions would be really Helpful so please comment !!! :-)
Violet150 Violet150
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I reckon you got nothing to worry about darling?.Your mate cheated on the geaser and that show's she ain't arsed about him don't it?.Go for it sweetheart! and if your mate gets the hump with you about it then remind her how there relationship ended,and if she still as the hump about it tell her to jog on!!.All the best luv hope it works out?.Keep me posted on it!.

Thankyou! & I will do! :-)