Damn Crush

I have a crush on my best friend.... the reason i shouldnt is because i have a boyfriend.... and cuz my best friend is sort of trouble. Lets face it, most girls like the sexy bad boy. Well right now im with the emotional clingy type guy and my best friend is just so...manly. I know his stories cuz we r great friends but thats the problem. I kno hes cheated, i kno who hes slept with, I kno it all. He can be a player at times but idk y i cant resist.TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE. weve had a thing since we were in junior high. we always liked each other, dated once, then still ended up good friends after it didnt work. Now we are even closer and i dont want to hurt my boyfriend... i want to stop this thing for my friend but its just impossible. we have too much history to just erase this feeling. I kno i shouldn't want to be with him cuz im with someone... but we r alike in so many ways and its just so hard not to like him.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

go ahead... lose them both.