Crush On Colleague

I developed a major crush on a new colleague last year. We are both 50 years old and married. It happened quite unexpectedly when I kept bumping into him and he was in my line of vision too many times. I was immediately attracted to him even though we never spoke. He was athletic, does his work responsibly. I have admired other men before but this time I thought he was attracted to me because there were just too many times when I saw him looking at me. Yet he always avoided eye contact. To cut it short, I am bothered that I can't get him out of my mind. These days we kind of deliberately avoid each other. None of my colleagues know of this. I feel so stupid going through all this at this age. What shd I do?
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

heyy, glad I found this! I thought at nearly thirty (28) I was too old fr this type of stuff, it always seems to be TEENAGERS with crushes doesn't it? No, you're not being silly. I was told you can have it at any age! I have a crush on my teacher, well, my lecturer to be precise. He is my age too well, around about. He is gorgeous and not married I think :) He has lovely twinkly eyes and he looks at me a lot too I was thinking he liked/likes me, he always says he likes the stuff I like with a big smile. I am probably fooling myself he is probably gay or something haha!!