Fox T-shirt!!!

OK... this is a sign, surely.

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You're as good as married :D

Yay! lol
He just doesn't know it yet. :p

lol it's an OMEN! He looks rough in that picture. Must've had a long night on the town ;)

He always looks a little like that. Bags under his eyes, like he doesn't sleep enough. I can relate. I'm just the same, burning the candle from both ends!

Probably b/c he can't get you out of his mind right? hence, the lack of zzzz's! lol

... yeah, sure. He's thinking about me. Never mind that he doesn't even know I exist. It's destiny. LMAO

*runs to walmart and buys a fox t-shirt* yep im still tryn to win ur heart vi

awwww saints you definitely have a special plac ein my heart. *hugs*

:) im glad but im still buyin that shirt

Must investigate further. Me thinks photo shopping here. ;-p *runs*

*chases Deg with a pillow to hit him with*

It's written in the... errr... screen printing ink.

You mean it's written on the T-shirt. lol

Lol! It was a play on 'it's written in the stars' :)

I know. I was being silly. :p

omg! and the foxes! look! they're doing baby foxes! :o

Norman and I are meant to be. I know this now.

I guess he's not SO bad if you like the 'hairy type'... :( one thing for sure, he's into foxy stuff... :P

Actually, he's not that hairy. He has a goatee but he's not hairy...

I was not talking about the goatee... I was thinking of that thing he's got on top of his skull... why does he wear a fur hat in the summer?

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