He Got Me Sprung..

Sooo.. theres this guy... we've seen eachother around school a couple times an stuff an until the begining of this school year started this guy hits me uup on facebook an is like "hey soo what happend too us talking?" an im lik idk you tell me? an den hes lik "im sorry hun." an all this **** an then we start talkin an stuff an then later on in the convo he asks me if im single an im lik "haha y yes i am:) hehe" an then hes all "well when school starts i might have to make you mine;) if your down.." an im lik oo im down;) an soo we start talkin more and whatever and school starts and he was the first person i saw out of anybody he comes up too me an hugs me an we had to go because the late bell rang soo we didnt get too kiss or nothing.. but then later on i hit him up an he doesnt reply too anything for like a week and i only saw him that one time so i right him again an im lik 'you know what i dnt get yew.." and all this stuff an i put in sumthin about me bein played (cuz hes a lil "player") an den hes lik "first of all i wouldnt **** wit you like that your too good for that" an all this soo i apologized for commin off like that an hes lik its ok babe its jst been an overwhelming week with football and stuff" and then he goes "i've only seen yew that one time i came up to you.. we dnt talk much" an im lik yeaa thats true heres my number soo i give him my number and hes lik "alright babe i'll text you tomorrow ima knock out goodnight sweet dreams:)" and the nxt day comes and he doesnt text me i see him more around school an were walkin together an were as if were boyfriend and girlfriend but it wasnt official or anything an then he invites me to his game and i said i wuud try to go but i couldnt go an he says again that he was gonna text me and he only hits me up on facebook and is lik hey i didnt see you at the game and i was lik i knoe i couldnt go im sorry:(.. i still didnt get a text like yew said? an hes jst lik i know hun im just really busy. an i tell him like i understand if yewr busy but if i was busy with sports or something and i didnt have time to text or anythin i would still go out of my way too txt yew just to let yew know that yewr still on my mind.. and he says "theres not a single day where i dont think about you" and some other stuff and im lik awww<3 and im lik we should hang out more? and lik one day wen we were walkin he was just bein all shady wit me hes bein all quiet doesnt right back on fb (when i know he seen it) an has ma num and still doesnt text me! then he just stopped talking to me completly:(.. i dont know why?.. i told him how i felt and he never responded.. nothing.. has me thinking what did i do? did i do something wrong? did he hear something about me? was i not pretty enough for him? was he just playin me? i dont know. he got me sprung tho.. i wanna know soo badly but he wont talk too me. i dont know what it is. it is bothering the crap out of me!.. idk guess it wasnt ment too be?3 :(
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it sounds to me like he was playing games with you. once you declared your feelings for him he may have lost interest in the chase. or worse he may have another girl? never put it passed a player to have a girl on the side. usually it works like this meet a girl play with her feelings just enough to keep her interested while you screw around the bad girl and when the bad girl gone bring in the good girl. if its not this, it probably similiar. If you don't believe me thats fine... but at least take a second look at any guys in your life you may have not considered bor companionship.

oo i believe you.. but like damn.. wtf? why do guys do that? :(

"why" that still eludes us. we mostly do it cuz we want to test our skills. most guys become crappy at it and forgot things they have said. some become excellent and is those guys that tell others "yeah man, all you got to do it act like this and say that..." most of the time its so we can get laid. love isn't high on the radar till college or so. for some guys it is on the radar in highschool but not often.