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I have the biggest crush on a younger coworker 10 years my younger. I'm married but I totally can't get this girl outta my head I think she has the same feelings too. I feel like I owe it to myself o at least do something even though that seems scummy, what if we are soulmates ? Help
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Would you love her as much if she were your age? do you just like the sexuality of young girls bodies?

Yes I think I would we just have a lot of the same opinions and like the sae things. As for younger girls bodies, I ain't gonna lie I love em. But I'm a lover of women in general I'm just a flirty guy who loves women.

I suspect you work with a lot of women being in retail. The guy I am in love with works with a lot of women of all ages. He's 29/30 years old too he is lovely and he's my teacher. We just click...listen though you know, I think maybe you got married too soon. I am guessing u got married in ur twenties? bad move. I really do think men should wait to get married...just my opinion.

Yeah I work with mostly women, as for getting married young you nailed it was 23. Hindsight shoulda maybe waited and dated more. I just feel like I'm getting old and theses young girls make me feel younger lol. Prolly sounds stupid cant find the words to express my feelings at the moment.

I know what you mean, the lucky thing with me is my teacher despite being the age he is is very mature even for his age and quite ''straight'' and strict. I act way younger than my age and I like a lot of fun. I think to be honest we are the perfect match. I wish you luck with whichever path you decide to take, but think twice before breaking ur wife's heart :)

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Hmmm, just wondering...what kind of feelings do you have for this girl? Do you actually care about her or do you just daydream about having sex with her? Do you think about actually spending time with her, doing non sexual things together? Can you imagine creating a life together with this girl? Because I wonder if my coworker ever thinks of me differently other than just someone to have sex with. As much as I want him and as much as I want him to be "the one" as much as my heart tells me to hang on, in all honesty, I'm scared he does not feel the same way about me and that if I continue on then I will just end up getting hurt. If you pursue this girl and its just for sex, she will probably get attached to you, then think you will leave your wife for her and when you don't then she will end up getting hurt. In my case, I am separated because my husband abused me and this guy is single so it could be possible for us to have a relationship, but if he was married I would definitely have stayed away to begin with. I guess he didn't have a problem that I was married when our thing started.

Tough question, I could totally see us doing non sexual things. As crazy as it sounds I think I actually love her. We spend so much time together at work and get along so well, similar interests, backgrounds etc. I truly care for this girl and I don't want to hurt her at all she's too I don't know the word for it but she's like perfect in my eyes. That's why I'm scared to pursue the physical thing I think it may actually push me towards her even more. I could totally see myself falling head over heels for this girl. But.... The kicker in this is I'm married and I Don't want to leave my wife. I know everyone says its not possible but I have strong feelings for both my wife and this girl, it's a horrible feeling to love two people and only have one. The only way out of this is for me to get away from her before I do something stupid, switch jobs? But the question lingers what if she s my perfect match?

Yeah, that is tough. I can understand how you feel because I have strong feelings for a couple guys and think I still love this guy I was friends with 20 years ago. I know he loved me and was always asking me out, but my parents did not want me to go out with him because he was black. He would have treated me much better than any guy I have ever been with I think. I wish I would have went out with him anyway. If I had my chance now I would definitely jump at it. Good luck to you. I hope you figure it out, but I would keep the other girl secret from your wife if you don't want to loose her. Maybe in time the situation will work itself out for you.

Well, you make your own decision of course but I wouldn't pursue it. I was in a very similar situation, and it ended up blowing up in my face REALLY bad. I was married, still am but, I was 29, and he was 18. I fell totally head over heels for him, and he had feelings for me too, I think, but I didn't stay away like I should have. Of course, I think the experience would have been different if the guy wasn't a narcassist, but anyway you should check out my story about my experience under my profile. It's the only story I have.

Just read your story, that's horrible what he did to you. Makes me think twice about pursuing anything with my crush. I don't think she would ever do anything like that but at her age lots of stuff could go wrong.