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We met through work via the phone. He's 1200 miles away, has a family and that one missing link... intimacy. We talk, did talk, much more before. I miss our talks... I miss the occasional phone calls. His personality, his voice, just over-all sense of humor is what drew me in. Yes our conversations became a little risque at times but mostly just laughs and venting. Venting about life and what each of us is missing. The subject of one day meeting did come up but I know it was just silly talk. He has too much to loose that he really loves. I'd like to think I was found, found to save his marriage, found to fill that void for just a while so that he would realize what he had. Although I'm still alone and no harm was done I enjoy knowing that he's happier and doing better in his world. One day MY void may be filled again... one day.
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OMG this was from July but we are actually very good friends. We still flirt because why not and we talk at least once a week but mostly emails through work. I don't expect anything to come out of it nor do I want it to but we're good friends and I'm glad I got a good friend out of it.<br />
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As to what he looks like... don't know that it matters but he's very tall, shaves his head and rides a motorcycle.... <br />
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but best of all... he's one of those unconditional kind of friends that you can trust and love and never worry about being judged

The "leaving on a jetplane" guy! How does he look exactly? :)

LOL... this was from like July or something. He and I are good friends and that's all.

Good point though Grendelan.... I wonder the same thing....<br />
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I once had a crush on a co-worker who worked in a different branch of our company and we talked forever on the phone - same venting etc.... I fell in love with his voice....<br />
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One day I got word that he was coming to OUR office and I was very excited!! When he finally got there, to my surprise, he was an exact replica of JOHN DENVER!!!

Old news... July 8th written... lol

Yeah, but just like when we were very, very, young... as soon as you hook up with someone, and start a relationship, you start thinking about all the tings that weren't on the radar.... because of the loneliness. Then, as often as not, they screw up the relationship. Complicated. Stooopid. Christ, I wonder if we're designed to be unhappy.