I'll Be Burned At the Stake!

Yes, well I'm 21 and he's 35 and married.  We work together and I find him so adorable and we can talk about anything.  But he flirts and I flirt back knowing I shouldn't.  But you only live once, right?
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I was a married man of 37 when I met this beautiful young woman of 24, working in the same office, so my situation was almost identical to you. We never really talked to each other at the time -- work was just too chaotically busy to be flirting.

I had never been unfaithful to my wife but the marriage was in trouble -- we had actually discussed divorce but not seriously because we had two young children.

Something inside told me that I just had to at least have dinner with this young woman, so I asked her out.

Over dinner, I told her that we were going to get married but that it might take a couple of years.

To my incredible surprise, she smiled and said she had exactly the same feelings for me.

We finally married 3 years to the day -- that was 17 years ago and I still feel a tingling in my heart when I see her face.

Most women call your type homewreckers :D But don't let it phase you. If things are meant to be, then they are meant to be. If anyone should be stopping it, it should be him as you are as free as a bird :)

I have had this done to me and it hurts. Badly. It's not the age difference that would worry me. What would though is that how many other girls are there on the side of this person? If he is flirting with you and will do this to his significant other...I don't know, that just is wrong in more ways than one. It will only ending up hurting everyone involved. You obviously have feelings for this person but while the words he says or what he does makes you feel happy, there is more to think about than how you feel. If he is not happy in his relationship with her then he should have the balls to own up to that and leave before he tries the grass on the other side of the fence post. Good luck to you.

Yeah but you can only f--u---c--k up your life once too!!!!

i don't think you should make any moves unless you know that his wife cheated/cheats on him. you have to think about karma and expect that the shoe will be reversed one day and would you want another woman trying to entice your husband into having an affair? but maybe you could ask him if he and his wife have an open marriage;)

If they have an open marriage he would never love either of them, not his wife or his mistress.

That is the worst advice ever! lol So even if she is busy getting rammed by another guy it should be "ok" for him to do it? Marriages aren't about getting even, they should be about respect.

I'd be careful but then I'm a little conservative. I just believe in marriage and messing with that is a nono. Add to that that if you cross a line and then have to work together, awkward much. As long as the flirting stays harmless. I guess if you would say what you say or do what you would do infront of other people that might help you gauge it. If you would be ashamed if anyone found out what you said, I'd double think it.

BEWARE! Young women today and throughout the centuries have often thought they were 'hamlessly flirting' and all it takes is for someone to mistake what is said or done and at best there might be an akward conversation. Worst case scenario involves the hospital, police or the morgue. I don't know your specific situation but I am leery of the age difference and His Intentions. Please do be careful! don't become another headline or statistic.

This is true SOMETIMES. BUT IF HE IS MARRIED STAY BACK, STAY ALIVE. The dump truck that will follow being involved in garbage is way too heavy even for the most strongest of lustful feelings..

No, we haven't worked together for 3 years.

I guess it's probably for the best that I just leave it alone and not screw things up. Have you been able to move past your feelings? Do you two still work together?

I'm glad you enjoyed my story. This is how my sitution started to....at work!