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There's someone on one of my IM networks that I kinda have a fairly large crush on right now...but she's not interested in relationships. Like, at all. So...yeah, kinda sucks.

Thinking of my prior experiences with long-distance relationships, it probably wouldn't turn out too well anyway, and would end up hurting her inadvertently... x.x
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10 Responses Jan 18, 2008

Be a good friend... Friendships (usually) last longer than romantic relationships!

What is the song I am trying to remember? " Two out of three ain't bad or something like that? I want you. I need you; but, there ain't no way I am ever gonna love you!"

Naturally :3 *hugs the silly Tiamichele*

well yeah!! *hugs* :D

well who wouldn't wanna join EP? lol it's only one of the most addicting websites around...lol

Far as I know, she's not on EP. In fact, I told her about EP and she said she probably won't join, as she has a 43 Things account she doesn't update anymore. :P

tia...nosy?? since when?? lmao!!

I know, but sometimes the fact that person A is interested in person B, and person B is interested neither in person A nor in persons C-Z and beyond...sometimes bringing it up can cause some unwanted tension x.x

yer right, sela! :D

Yeah...still, hard to tell... I also don't know if she'd be willing to make an exception to her no-relationship policy. Kinda don't want to ask, because we have a good friendship going along, and I don't want to affect that, either...