I cant help but think, maybe one day he will see me. My heart that aches for his incredible smile, tantalizing blue eyes that mesmorizes me everytime I look at him. The times we spend together, laughing and those deep conversations we have. I realize deep in my heart and soul that I am hurt but, having him as a "GOOD FRIEND" is better than not having him at all. so people with broken hearts out there, always remember too keep the good times in your hearts always, and someone is out there waiting for you. It just happens!

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I understand where you are coming from I had afew crushes on close guy friends. I never told them because I knew their types and I was NOT their types. But maybe you are each others? I don't know the situation more than you put up though.

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Well...if he is, maybe he's waiting for you to say something...or trying to drum up the courage to say something himself! XD

My dream boat has COAL BLACK EYES! "I'm a queen. I'm a queen." I don't have to talk to him. He reads my mind!

You know...if you do it just right, it *is* possible to ask him about how he feels without losing anything. I remember, I got all built-up about what would happen if I talked to my crush about my feelings. Then I did it...we got some understandings out in the open...we're not a couple now, but the friendship is still there, and still just as good as before.<br />
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Trick is: Don't overthink it if you do consider telling him. Do something to occupy your mind for a while, then talk to him with a clear mind of the situation. ^^