"i Love You" Or "i Love Soup"? It Doesn't Matter It Changed My Life ...

Yeah so I've had a crush on this guy for almost 6 years . . . I would argue that its a bit more serious than a crush but recent developments have made the whole thing feel new again. We use to work together 5 years ago . . . he was there on my first day at my first job . .. it wasn't love at first sight, no instantaneous attraction. I was actually friends with his girlfriend at the time. About 6 months after I met him he broke up with his girlfriend who also worked with us and she moved away. We started working more closely together and it was great he didn't really talk to any other girls but me and made a lot eye contact but it wasn't for another 6 months that any feelings started to register with me and that was after he shocked me into it.

He pointed to himself, drew a heart in mid-air with his index finger, and then pointed at me while mouthing 'I love you'. To use those words was so out character for him. . . he was a jokester so I thought it was one of those 'I love soup' numbers. He did this out in the open, not that anyone was really paying attention to us, but it was at our job but it wasn't like we were dating or anything . . . he couldn't love me it didn't make sense. And it completely freaked me out. I went home and stewed on it and exactly 3 days later I admitted to myself that I had a crush on him.

Then things became awkward . . . we got a new manager and all of a sudden we weren't working together any more and the next thing I know there is another girl. He begins dating her, she works with us, he's ignoring me (kind of) and I was miserable and shy and it was offal.

About 3 months after they began dating she (the other girl) quit but they were still dating and living together but he reverted back to the flirting and eye contact we use to do before her . . . nothing came of us . . I went away to college and he quit. I came back to work at this place during breaks and such and later, every month. I was able to keep tabs on him amazingly . . .every now and again information about him would crop up.

2 years after we'd went our separate ways I was informed that he was set to marry that girl . . . and most unfortunate for me I still cared too much . . . but after that I felt I could move on but then 2 months later his father comes in to our work place and I find out that he has moved back home . . . wtf right? Then 4 months after that he (as in my guy) comes into our work place and I find out that the heifer had cheated on him . . . this was my chance . . but I took seeing him for granted thinking that I would definitely see him again and even if I didn't I knew his whereabouts now I could find him.

Nope, a month later he completely dropped of the face of the planet. I didn't hear anything about him or have any way of contacting him for almost a full 2 years it was horrible. . . I couldn't let go . . the fact that he had broken up with the girl and how I had come to find out just seemed so fated . . I had faith that something would come up he would come back in to my life again . . . in any case it was really out of my control . . . it had been too long I couldn't control my feelings.

And he did 22 months later I found him on facebook, I friended him we chatted, he remembered me he was interested in talking to me but abruptly he changed his status to in a relationship and his interest in facebook waned and I felt bad chatting him up knowing what my intentions were but just about 2 weeks ago his relationship status was changed back to single and a window has been opened and I intend to go for the gold . . . so wish me luck . . . thanks for reading "

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i wish you good luck from the bottom of my heart, i have a similar story but lately i dont talk to him :P<br />
i find these kinda guys really swingy but maybe if you get to know him youll see wat fits you :)<br />
take care !! xo xox