More On The "missed Chances" Girl

Today I really thought I had a shot. Last week I asked her out to lunch (again), we work in the same building, but don't get to hang out much anymore. To my surprise she said yes. I figured that today she'd blow me off saying she was too busy, but she was still available (hooray). I of course totally wrecked my own schedule on the chance she'd still want to go. I'll catch up tomorrow.

I mentioned that I had bought her a little Christmas present and would give it to her at lunch. She told me that my present would be for her to wear black boots and a pair of tights for me. I didn't believe her, but when I saw her today she was in an awesome red dress, black tights and black boots. Wow. She looked great.

Then the real surprise, instead of a quick lunch in the cafeteria, hiding in plain sight, she wanted to go out! Yes! We went out to a little lunch place all to ourselves. I thought this would be it, where she'd let me finally touch her and kiss her again after all this time.

But no, she shot me down. She knows I adore her and knows that she can string me along forever. I was so happy to hang out with her, but I just so wanted to feel her soft skin against mine and kiss her delicious lips. Ugh. I'll see that red dress in my dreams.
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Dec 10, 2012