I Have A Major Crush On This Guy At Gym!!!

Ive been to gym for like a long time now......and i never really noticed this guy who keeps looking at me. I think i have noticed him more now as i always see him looking at me. He will be over at the weights section and he will be looking across at me even when the place is full with people all working out. He is cute and has a great body. But theres something about him that i like,i think the fact that he notices me even when theres other girls around..(normally guys dont notice me lol) . He will look at me like most of the time and when i look at him ,i eventually look somewhere else,coz im too shy. Yesterday was the first time we exchanged smiles.....at first i noticed him looking at me  then when our gaze met we both smiled (no teeth showing lol) and i had to leave coz my mum was hurrying me. ugh! But he watched me leave. the way he stared at me makes me wonder whats he thinking,he never approached me im not sure why. They gym is so full sometimes that i think i get lost in the crowd but he always seems to find me. I wish he would come up and talk to me. but im too shy to go up and approach him. I wonder what will happen today when i go to gym. im surely going to smile at him although he gives me butterflies.

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6 Responses Feb 11, 2010

omg exactly what's happening with me and my crush at the gym but we haven't exchanged smiles yet Im always the first one to look away cause im too shy >.< He's super attractive and tall he looks like chris hemsworth im not lying and me well I look like a potato lol D: He asked to work in with me one time but stupid me didnt even start a convo with him i put on my earphones back as soon as he said thank you

How did it end? Did u talk?

How did it end? Did u talk?

No worries. You'll meet him regularly, soon it'll be natural for either of you to say Hi to each other and then.. who knows? :)

Ask him his name! :)

start with saying 'Hi" *_o