My Wifes Bestie

I have the hots for my wifes best friend just being around her makes my **** hard. She has fantastic **** she has rubbed them on my back with nipples that felt like the eraser on a pencil. her *** is nice round and firm. I have rubbed her feet and calfs so soft and smooth i so wanted to spread her thighs but my wife walked in and the moment was lost. her husband is useless he only has sex with her once a month or so and she is always yelling me how horny she is I get the feeling sometimes that she is willing to let me take care of her if the chance was there at the right time. My wife knows how I feel about her bestie and she also feels her friend might be willing to take it from me but she does not approve and said that if anything ever happens she does not want to know.
wannabnude wannabnude
36-40, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Seems like you have a green light to go and play with your wife's BFF...