Beautiful Stranger

There is this beautiful redhead woman that works in the same building as me. I almost see her every morning and again at the end of the work day. It's one of the things I look forward too in my daily routine. I'm not the type of person who can start a conversation or introduce myself to someone I don't know. I've never talked to her, I don't know her name, I just know where she works. I think she is really cute but I don't have the courage to even talk to her. I don't know what it is about her that I'm so attracted to. I know she smokes but I don't care. I usually don't like people who smoke. But for some reason, I myself don't even know, it doesn't matter.
Bloodrops Bloodrops
26-30, M
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

smile and just make up an excuse to talk to her... ask her for a coffee at lunch time??? talk to her while she is out smoking in breaks... don't be obsessive but just act cool and i hope it works for you...