I Have A Crush On My Neighbour

I had a crush on my neighbour who's the same age as me when I was younger.
I was maybe 13..lol. But I guess I still have it..He's very smart, sportsman type and well..
maybe not good looking but not a monster either xd
He was overweight because of his genes..his parents are like that too. But now he looks really good.
He can't be skinny but he's not as big as he was cause he exercised and lost weight.
I even remember that he was going to the pool with us (my family) and we were teaching him how to swim.
Now he can swim even butterfly style and worked as a lifeguard.
He's so smart I always thought he's way above my league..but i liked him even when he was so chubby..
And I still like him. I feel weird in his presence. I sometimes fantasize about him (lol, i hope he'll forgive me)
He was in Portugal for half a year and returned lately. He visited us about 3 days ago. My brother and him are friends.
We were friends too but..we don't talk at all now..
When we were younger there was some incident between us..(not what you think perverts..)
I had a female friend and we had a fight. She knew about my crush so she came to him and told him I like him (not what a friend would do..really..)
And he later came to me and asked me if that's the truth. I'm sorry! I lied back then!
I always wanted to tell him that what I said then was a lie..I was just scared that he would hate me. I was scared of rejection.
I still hope that I can tell him the truth someday..I wonder what he thinks about me..
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Try not to think about the whatifs too long,they'll drive you crazy.lol Its good that you have a happy memory though.

i would never ask someone out >.< i'm too shy..<br />
the only thing i can do is tell him the truth about that time<br />
and eventually if he asks about now i would tell him the truth also.<br />
i know i scewed up..but you know..we were really young..<br />
i don' t think we could have a serious relationship at that age..<br />
and it was a long time ago, we wouldn't be together for so long..<br />
now it's more possible cause we are adults

oh, I had a crush on a neighbor once where I used to live, and everytime I saw him I felt like...well, he's single, so, ..Id chat with him and he would smile, ..he was cute, tall, a little on the chubby side but absolutely a light, he was adorable...I never told him..<br />
love this story!

yeah..but i was too shy to say it.. if he would ask me now i would say the truth.<br />
but if he said he doesn't feel the same it would be awkward between us..<br />
and he never said anything about that either..

that friend did the right thing,told him you had a crush.<br />
You should of said yes,he may have felt the same.Never lie,it only makes things worse in the end.You two could be together right now.