More Than One

I have more than one crush, but only one of them is on someone who is not fictitious. I have a crush on someone I somewhat know online. I wish I didn't, but I do. I don't know her very well and she will never be attracted to me in the same way. She also lives far across the country. She is a lesbian, at least. But that's the only thing in my favor (I'm female). I think I annoy her lol, so I don't communicate with her much. I'm nervous around and intimidated by her, although she's a very nice person, just because that's how I always am around anyone I am attracted to. We're also very, very different. Although we do have some things in common. I've been hoping this crush would end, but it has been going on for probably close to a year now, so it doesn't seem as if it will go away anytime soon.

I also have numerous crushes on characters from Sci-Fi television shows and even some from books lol. It seems that I'm only ever attracted to people who are not attracted to me. Either because they do not really exist lol, or for any other reason. I know it's because I'm so socially inept that being attracted to someone who could actually be attracted to me is far too scary. It would never work out because I wouldn't be able to reciprocate the feelings properly and would be too scared to even talk to them, much less actually have a relationship.
ItchyWitch82 ItchyWitch82
26-30, F
Jul 22, 2010