I Can't Get Her Out Of My Head!

I have been down this road before.  A very sexy woman that I work with gets me curious.  I talk to her and get to know her a bit.  But, before long I realize that there is nothing there and move on.  This time is different.  I get that awkward teenager feeling around her and I'm hopelessly confused on what to think of her.  I'm not able to shut down my feelings based on cold, hard logic like in the past.  There are a lot of things that tell me this could never work... Up until yesterday she was engaged.  She broke up with him because "She wants more freedom."  I am 7 years older and I have three kids.  This in itself is proving to be a huge hurdle that no woman so far seems interested in trying for.  A 22 year old that is still learning what she wants would have to be a saint to take on something like that.  Is it fair for me to ask her to try it?  I know I can make a woman happy.  My wife and I had a great relationship until her death nearly 2 years ago.  She is very flirty and has several guys at work wrapped around her little finger.  This bothers me in that I can't tell where her true feelings lie in me or someone like me.  I also know that - most of the time - people go to work simply to work. 
Since I just found out that she's single a few hours ago I will probably not get any sleep tonight trying to figure out what my next move (or whether I should even make one) will be.  I'm hopelessly confused and would love some advice. 
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2 Responses Feb 17, 2011

Ok....I finally couldn't take it anymore and spilled the beans. On facebook....kind of a lame way to start but at 6 am after 2 nights of not sleeping it seemed like the best way. Her response baffles me. "No way yo your cool don't worrie your like my best friend why would you think that" One of two things happened. I was cryptic when I didn't mean to be and she didn't get what I was saying, or she knows exactly what I meant and is being cryptic to tell me she isn't interested. Either way, I'm still hopelessly confused.

So far I have done absolutely nothing aside from normal b.s. conversation. Its the hardest course of action here, but I think its the right choice. I can't stay in neutral forever on this, though. Its driving me mad. She has made it known that she doesn't want any kind of commitment right now. Plus, all the single guys at work have been going after her. Its really pretty disgusting to see; they're just short of humping her leg to get her to notice them. She needs to get the party girl out of her system (if it does run out) and decide what she really wants in life before I'll stand a real chance with her. <br />
I suspect she knows I like her (from my angle I would think it'd be obvious). ba<x>sed on our conversations, it is apparent that she feels nothing towards me. I'm a bit dense, though. I've had to be told in the past when a girl likes me because I just don't get it. I'd like to think she had a crush on me. To get over that initial hump of talking to each other about it would be the toughest part. I guess the lesson there is you never truly know a person's feelings unless you ask. Is there a way to find out her feelings without admitting your own? Hmmm.....<br />
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Sorry, started rambling there. This did give me something new to think about. Thank you.