I Have This Crush You See.

So while I was still with my ex we went to a cookout.

Well at this time things were starting to fall apart.

Did the usual cookout stuff, drink, eat, play wiffleball.

Wiffleball is how I met my crush. WIFFLE-FREAKING-BALL!

She's so damn hot.

We joked around while playing and whatnot which was fantastic.

Well after everyone was just kinda sitting around at the park and I just couldn't take my eyes off her. Kept having to look over then look away in fear of being caught looking over.

Anyhow, long story short (I suppose at some point I should fill in the long story) we've hung out a couple times and I just can't get over this person.

She's just completely amazing to me.
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8 Responses Nov 23, 2006

So lucky....

Me and my crush talk all the time, we BOTH know its mutual

I have a crush too, but I'm so shy to talk to him.

Ask her out!

do you have updates for us? did you ask her?

so why don't you ask her out?

This is so sweet :)