Bad Cyber Crush

I am on facebook and there is this guy that I knew when I was 5. I have NOT friended him. He probably doesn't even know me or remember me but sometimes I can't help but "spy" on his wall and look at his pctures. I would post his pic on here but don't know how, lol 

i don't know why, I won't act on it, but sometimes I just wanna "show" his picture for some reason, lol 

I geuss I should add more info. I have known him since I was 5. He was 3. Our mothers were really close friends and we were MORTAL enemies lol. My mother had a wooden spoon with his name on it and another wooden spoon with my name on it. 

After we'd fight and get into trouble- our mothers would fight over who deserved the a** whoopin. And since his daddy was in jail - he usually got it 3x a day lol. no seriously, I think he's turned out well. 

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Your not thinking about having his baby,,,You just want to stop and say 'Hello',, no harm in that,<br />
If the conversation starts going somewhere you don't want to go,,you can simply melt back into the internet pool you first came out of to say hello.

bad thing is here I am sooo free to talk, but hubby is my friend on fb(bad call I know). he would know. and yeah. I won't be having his babies. but I would lie if I don't admit i call his name sometimes when I ********** lol

When you are ************,,your goal is to get your Ya-Yas off,, I don't think it matters who you fantasise about while doing it.
Not to suggest anything sneaky or underhanded,, but couldn't you open another fb page under a different name ?

I could but don't really want to. I'll just admire from afar lol

This is just my opinion,so just take at as a pinch of salt,,i am a single dad with three kids,,been on my own for the last 12yrs with them,,i have had flings with about 5/6 women,,and discreet bi fun with guys but my kids always came first,,yes the nights are lonely,,the hand going with no one to talk to,cannot really talk to my penis,lol,,But what i am saying,if you like this guy,you have known him all your life,,talk to him,,i would not call it cheating,,if you do not do anything,,you are childhood friends,,i can understand you not wanting to make things difficult as things at home are uncomfortable,,go for it,,

yeah for now I won't. hubby might notice on my fb. lol. he flips over things like that. he flipped over finding out someone wanted to **** me to get on revenge with the woman my hubby was going to marry (not legally but whatever).

I think you should atleast try and chat with him

You should tell him

hahaha,you have a wicked sense of humour,just like me,,i love doing that,,lol,,as i have had to move a lot,,find poeple i used to know,facebook good for that,,lol,,you can find me on sean Alder oriain,,I think your sense of humour has got you through a lot,,

yeah I used to be the person that everyone was like "omg take a joke" and now I'm the one joking and everyone else takes things tooo seriously.

yes I get lost in humor and in tv. don't think I could cope otherwise lol

I wouldn't post his pic here but you should message him. I had a female friend when I was 5 I still think about some times. I can't actually remember her name but I remember her aunt use to come over and do bible study with my mom. After her aunt died I never saw her again. I also remember we use to pretend we were superboy and supergirl. I've always just been curious if she ever thinks about me and if she's OK. Her aunt's funeral was the last time I saw her so that's not exactly the best way to loose touch with someone. If she was checking out my facebook profile I'd want her to message me and send a friend request. ;)

yeah I won't its way too bad of a crush lol

Haha hey no crime in looking at his fb and seeing what he's up to. We all do it secretly lol. But don't post his pic here hahaha don't get urself in trouble.

okay thanx