Crushes = Fun.

OK, first let me say that I have a crush on like, everyone.  OK, maybe not everyone.  But I absolutely ADORE guys and usually end up really liking most of them that I stop and actually talk to.  I guess I don't really (purposely) make contact with people I know would annoy me or that I just couldn't get along with.

But there's this one guy that has really grabbed my attention lately.  He writes some deliciously steamy stories and I'm always hopping around waiting to hear more.  It's messing me all up.

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4 Responses Dec 2, 2006

Ohh good luck:) I can totally relate coz,like,me too>.

Awwww I love that you are being NOT SHALLOW! Most ppl find someone appealing because of their looks but you're looking at something beyond looks. (: Good for you. I hope everything you're wishing for comes true. GOODLUCK! Let me know if you guys date each other. I love hearing about live stories. Lol.

A storywriter....interesting.

hmmm another one not crushing on me LOL