This Guy In My Class...

There is nothing out of the ordinary with him. He is just a guy. And I am afraid that I am in love with him. No shatterring, worldbreaking love. Just a little bit in love with him.
I have been in his class for 4 years now. He never really got my attention untill a few months ago. He became a man, a very hansome man and the best part of it all is that he doesn't know that.
I talk to him every day and every friday night on parties. Before every party I say to myself that this is going to be the one that I drag him outside and just kiss him. I should just tell him that I like him in a special way.
But there is one problem with him. He doesn't want to be with anybody he told me. He said I don't want to be kissed by anybody and that he just didn't want a girlfriend. I don't believe him altough.(he said this to me and a friend of me on a party when that friend was so depresed about the fact that he never kissed anybody) And he looks at me somethimes in this way...He always accidently in my neighborhoud and he has been teasing me so often. I just have this stupid crush...
I hate it, I hate the fact that I just don't have the courage to ask him out and just put my lips agains his.
watervole watervole
18-21, F
May 8, 2012