Happened Today ♥

So I was at a horse fair this just today and there were so many travellers and gypsies there, and my brother is a horse trader, so I was helping out with him and also looking for things for my sister's wedding. I had just had a go on the cart with some of my cousins and my sister and so we were standing around, and these boys come up and start talking to us. Daisy shows her ring so they leave her alone, and one started flirting with me. I played along a little, but they got too aggressive and so I started to give the shoulder. One of em didn't get the picture, and so he started saying he was gonna grab me.

If you read me other stories you'll see I was grabbed badly a while ago and it was horrible. I told him no and got defensive but he made a grab for me. He got me around the waist and I shouted for him to get off. The next thing I know,  a very good looking boy runs up and tells him to let me go. The boy grabbin me told him to sod off, and they shouted and the new boy challenged him to a fight. The boy grabbing me let me go and they and a few of their friends went off, I imagine to fight. We girls got out of there when my daddy found us, so we went back into the horses. I helped out with my brother a little and rode on my favorite horse a while, and when I was done riding him I went back to Bracken's trailer and the boy was there talking to him. He looked a little worse for wear, but he was clearly the victor. I felt my heart beat racing when I saw him, I almost got dizzy, that's never happened before!

His name is Patrick, he goes by Pa, and he's 19. He and his brother know my brother, He wanted to make sure I was okay. We talked a little and he asked for my number, and I gave it to him. I don't know if he'll call me, I certainly hope so ☺
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