Strangely Enough, I Do

I do have a crush that will probably never be fulfilled.
He works at my job in the maintenance dept.  I think he is so very handsome, a simply gorgeous smile and

However, I can't imagine being in a real relationship unless that person also doesn't want to have sex either which would be awesome.  
I highly doubt that this guy would agree to that.

So...I guess he will forever just be my crush.
veilednightmare veilednightmare
31-35, F
1 Response May 16, 2012

I am in the same EXACT boat as you! I have never done anything with a guy, and want to keep it that way until I get married. I as well have a crush, and he is a little bit older than me. I won't pursue him though, because it wouldn't last since I will NOT have sex.

Yeah, I understand. Most want you to have sex at some point in your relationship, WITHOUT getting married. If you want to wait until marriage then do just that, you'll find a man that will respect that and respect you for it.