Pretty Nice, I Will Miss Him.

He's pretty nice, I have to admit it. Even though we haven't talked as much as I wanted, I am glad to have met him. Friday or technically this Wednesday will be the last day I see/talk to him. I have a final exam this Friday so that means class will be over. No more seeing my crush or interacting with him. It also sucks he goes to school during the fall/spring semesters all the way to a corner of the US, 20+states far from here. Gah... I know it's silly to be sad about this since I wasn't going to act on this crush..but it was nice to have toyed with the idea. here's to my summer fling LOL.

Anyways, here's my last good memory of him:
Today I was in class, I felt groggy so had no inclination to speak to anyone. However, I was brave enough to glance his way when he looked my way. Turns out that whenever I saw him, he was looking down towards my notes. Maybe he was doing that all summer..who knows.
Anyways, I scooted in towards the desk and out of nowhere, he says, "I like your necklace by the way." I looked down (geezus, like if I didn't even know it was there..looking down makes you have double chins too! LOL, I really wish I hadn't now).. well anyways, I looked down and looked back at him, and said thanks :). I felt a disappointed vibe from him. I didn't know what else to do.
However, I asked him questions throughout class to interact with him some more.
He left class when it was over, he saw I was slow at leaving so he kind of stalled a bit.. but then this girl out of nowhere asks me to see if she can take pictures of my notes... so I couldn't catch up. When I was finally done he was outside waiting. I waved goodbye and he did too. Hahaha..I wish he had asked me out then, even just to be study buddies...but this crush is all in my head anyways.
That's it.

This made me all warm and fuzzy. First time a guy has complimented me a not creepy way. He's actually my first guy friend LOL...i mostly hang out with girls so idk how to act/think around him! so yeah he was pretty nice. I will miss him.

Here's a link to my previous encounters with him: EP Link
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Cute story!

hahaha THANKS :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Update:<br />
SO today, I spent all of class time thinking of what I would put down to ask him for his number. I mostly want it because when I have random questions about class/exam I can text someone..and he's the only one I know in that class. So here's the story: The last problem we were doing in class was really complicated that I forgot to ask him. So when it was the last minute of class, I realized I won't see him and I scrambled to get his phone number. I wrote, "Hey, what's your phone number?" I awkwardly placed it in front of him. (I mean, I could have asked him out loud, so I felt so awkward to just have placed that sheet in front of him.) But anyhow, this is what I was thinking as he SLOWLY wrote his number down. He handed it back, I stored it in my notebook. As I was storing it I said, "I'll text you later then..and I know if I have questions on math." lol. Well he looked a little uncomfortable and was like yeah..are you studying? I was like yeah I'll be studying today and studying tomorrow. He smiled. Maybe he wasn't expecting that answer? (lol). Then he said, oh are you going to be on campus tomorrow? I replied yeah (I lied..I wasn't planning to go..but now I am xP). Well he replied, "Oh well I'll be here so hit me up then. I said okay yeah :). LOLL.... so I'm going to see him tomorrow. Wow. This is cool. Not only will I get help from this intelligent guy, but I will actually sort of hang out with him. I'm glad I asked for his #.