Shes So Far Away, And I Cant Have Her Anyway...

OK I cant believe Im writing this on the internet. Thank god for anonymity lol. Anyway let me start by saying Im gay----and now we get on with the story.

So over the summer I went to this summer camp with people from all over the state. It was my first year and I didnt know anyone; I ended up briefly meeting this amazingly adorable girl. I didnt get the chance to get to know her but I spoke to her every so often, just kind of making small talk, and developed a little crush on her. I was pretty sure she was gay; she's pretty tomboy and just kind of has that aura about her I guess. She has really red hair and is tall so she was easy to spot in the crowd, so I'd always end up watching her (ok that sounds kind of weird. Im not a creeper I swear) So when we all went home I found her on facebook and checked out her profile. Turns out she lives way far away from me, but has TONS of cute pictures, etc posted and seems even more awesome than she seemed in person; I finally build up the courage to friend and message her saying something cute, but then I notice on her About, it says "interested in men."
-_- Sooo then I chickened out of friending her because I figured she wouldnt even remember me, and now Im hardcore crushing on this random excessively adorable girl who looks and acts pretty gay but is apparently straight and who Im too scared to even friend on facebook, because I feel like if I friend her just to be friendly I'll end up even more obsessed with her. I feel like a total stalker, and Im sure you think I sound like one too, but she's so stinking cute I cant help it. Has anyone ever been through any of this weirdness before or am I alone in this??

Thank you, experience project, for letting me vent. It helped.
Lamusica77 Lamusica77
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2012