I Like Her

So for the past few years I have been in this college prep program. Through out the years there was this one girl in our college prep program that pretty much keep to herself and since I was always preoccupied with my friends i never really noticed her. Well don't get me wrong I noticed her I thought she was pretty but that was it nothing serious I just thought she was pretty. Well this summer I started my first semester of college and we were living in the same dorms and taking the same classes because of the program we were in.  Taking classes with her made me realize that I was starting to crush on her. I have always been a shy guy and I did nothing about my crush for a while. It actually took me four weeks to start talking to her, I could never seem to get the courage to talk to her. Well by luck I started talking to her and one thing led to another and I started hanging out with her for the last week and half of the summer program. After hanging out with her I realized that I liked her even more. To me she is utterly perfect she is beautiful inside and out even her voice makes my heart melt. Well now that the summer program is over i occasionally talk to her through text and I have met up with her in person once with some friends and we have hung out. I can't stop thinking about her and when I am with her I feel really happy and I can just talk to her for hours. The problem is I am 18 and I have never once asked a girl out or told a girl that I like her. I am now debating if i should tell her and how I should tell her. I really don't know what to do!!!!

lonelyparamour lonelyparamour
18-21, M
Jul 15, 2008