Lusting For Someone Who Barely Knows I Exist

So, Last weekend me and my freinds went out and I met this guy, His name is jake and he just moved to my area from cali last week. He might be the most beautiful guy i have ever met....I was so mad my freinds wanted to go to a diffrent party before I got a chance to really talk to him....but I havent been able to stop thinking about him. Im not really sure what to do, I found him on FB but we only have 2 mutual freinds so I dont wwant to be creepy, and I recently switched to homeschooling so I cant try and talk to him at school....I dont know there is something about this guy, I cant get him off my mind. And honestly for the past few months I really havent had any sexual or emotional desire for a man until now. ****....I just want him so badly and i really dont know what to do. And i cnt ask my freinds to talk to him for me at school cause they find him very attractive to.....GAHHHHHHHHH so fustrated
Julz2621 Julz2621
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

wow! friend him on facebook?

Wouldnt it be creepy though? like we barely even had a converstaion and we only have 2 mutual freinds......... wahhhh its so agonizing.