Well I Just Have This Crush.

Well there's this guy I like at school. He found out that I had a crush on him. Then he started messaging me on Face book, and after we talked for awhile he asked for my number and we started to text. We have been talking to each other for about 2 weeks now. And we have never had a conversation in person, it was only Hey ! :) or a Hi! :D. I'm not sure what he feels. And he's friends with one of my friends, and their both good friends. She asked her if he liked me yet, he was like i don't know. I over heard him and his friend talking and his friend was like Yeah man, you don't know her that well yet. And like two days ago I was just with my friends and then he just poked me and ran away.. I don't know. Then I had to come to school one day in a short (not to short) pencil skirt and 4 inch heels, it was for a pretend interview, and we had to dress up for a grade. While I was walking up the stairs, he was checking me out .
Someone help me please I'm so frustrated. He's a shy guy by the way. Can someone tell me how he feels about it.
FroLik0 FroLik0
13-15, F
Dec 2, 2012