Our Conversation

This is just part of one of the conversations I had with him a few days ago, and it just showed me how different he is than so many other guys, one of the reasons why I fell for him:

Him: youre also one of the most modest people i know :P

Me: I'm hoping that's a good thing...

Him: ...how could it be a bad thing?

Me: Idk. I guess it could be bad...if... Yeah I don't know :)

Him: I mean unless if you consider dressing modestly bad (which i dont think is good or bad...its how theyre dressed)

Me: No.. I think dressing modestly is good..

Him: I dont think a low cut top and really short shorts/skirts are attractive myself but girls decide how they dress its not my job to say whats wrong and right

Me: Well I think there's definetly a difference between being immodest and inapropriate

Him: i agree...but i wont go up to a girl and tell her to wear modest clothes...i wont look at her because its gross...if i told a guy this id be called gay though

Me: Haha probably shouldn't go up and tell a girl that... But I think that's really stupid that a guy would think someone is gay because he doesn't think a girl is hot or something... That's dumb and stereotypical :/

Him: yeah but thats public school :/...its better looking and more classy to dress modestly

Me: Well I think its cool that not every guy thinks that girls are only attractive if they look a certain way

This is just one of the things that I love about him. He doesn't have the typical thought of what is beautiful in a girl, and he is honestly a sincere and thoughtful person, whether it could make him seem gay. Personally, I think it is stupid that a lot of guys call someone gay just because he doesn't think a girl dressed revealingly is attractive . But I think its beautiful that he can see beauty in a modestly dressed person.

I'm not sure if anyone else is going to understand what I'm getting at here, but I think its beautiful.
brighteyes723 brighteyes723
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012