Kevin &I

On September 5th 2011, I woke up to nerves. I was going to start my first day of Middle School. I walked into a large cafeteria filled of new students assorted by class. While walking to my table there he was.We were placed in the same homeroom, Science group,and general arts classes. We could talk til' the cows came home. He was dating another girl in my class named Kasey. I decided to move on but recently Kevin and I have been texting and whenever he texts back I get SO excited. I am unsure if I have enough self- confidence to ask him but I thought maybe I could walk him to the classes we share this year but he usually walks with his fellow football players. I would love to talk to him more..
SheWillBeLoved21 SheWillBeLoved21
13-15, F
Dec 2, 2012